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TDD/BDD-infected lead developer/software architect/CTO with 10+ years commercial-grade experience in a wide variety of projects ranging from outsourcing solutions to complex product engineering & development. Has 5+ years managing software development teams. Technology and buzzword agnostic. I have done projects in a myriad of languages, tech stacks, and frameworks and believe that there is a right tool for the job in question, but not one-size-fits-all solutions. Entrepreneur with 2 startups in the last 5 years. Goal has always been to work on and design great products in the desktop, web, and mobile worlds.

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Some of the projects I have worked on through the years:

eMerchantPay Payment Gateway (codename Genesis)
Employer: eMerchantPay
Description: Work under the PCI-DSS standard. Design and implementation of a new payment gateway using 100+ Ruby and Ruby on Rails libraries, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, etc. Employed TDD/BDD practices with RSpec/Cucumber and related tools. Implemented and guided large-scale infrastructure - firewall clusters (Juniper SSG), linux HA and clustering (60+ linux servers), virtualization with the VMWare stack (ESX, vCenter, etc), load balancing (Keepalived), reverse proxying (Apache), monitoring (M/Monit, Nagios, New Relic), Kerberos, automation and deployment (Capistrano, Bash, Puppet), continuous integration (Jenkins), symmetric key management system (StrongKey), key-value stores (Redis), DNS failover and load balancing (DynECT, UltraDNS), MySQL 5, Galera Cluster, HP SAN, etc. All software and infrastructure implemented with 99.999% uptime in mind.

Employer: eMerchantPay
Description: Architecture and design of an accounting database billing system using Ruby and Rails. High-volume imports, background job processing, recurring scheduling. Multiple API integrations to payment service providers globally for transaction retrieval. Reconciliation, generation of billing statements via own calculation model and fees, exports in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats, etc.
Keywords: Rspec, Ruby 2, Rails 3.2, Ransack, PaperTrail, Devise, Savon, Mechanize, CanCan, Carrierwave, Bootstrap, jQuery, CoffeeScript, Resque, Redis, MySQL 5, etc

Employer: eMerchantPay
Description: Design and implementation of an e-wallet solution using the Ruby and Rails stack. Integration with payment gateway APIs. Merchant-customer, customer-customer, and customer-merchant payments. Pre-paid cards, funding of balances via credit/debit cards. Card issuing platform integrations.
Keywords: E-wallet, payment, Test::Unit, Ruby 1.8, Rails 3, Resque, Redis, MySQL, etc.

Agent Portal
Employer: eMerchantPay
Description: Architecture and design of an opensource SugarCRM-based agent portal for partners.
Keywords: Ruby, SugarCRM setup/customization, databasedotcom and sugarcrm libraries, SalesForce APIs, PHP, deployment. integration and customization
Employer: eMerchantPay
Description: Technical management of SalesForce CRM integration and customization. Managing the business hierarchies and feature set - custom objects and triggers, layouts, fields, roles, plugins, etc. Multiple integration workflows with SalesForce from external systems for uploading or downloading data via available APIs.
Keywords: databasedotcom, inbound/outbound email handling rules, Bulk/SOAP/REST API, OAuth 2.0, triggers, APEX, VisualForce templates, JSP/Servlets, Java

Enfinity Suite 6.5 - Search & Navigation API
Employer: Intershop Communications
Description: Design and implementation of the search and navigation API for the new version of the product. HTML 5, web-based components development - in collaboration with True Action, a GSI company. Later GSI was bought by eBay ( The webstore is now at the heart of eBay ecommerce platforms.

Enfinity Suite - PayEx
Employer: Intershop Communications
Description: Designed & implemented the product add-in that integrates with the payment provider PayEx.

Enfinity Suite - PA-DSS/PCI-DSS compatibility
Employer: Intershop Communications
Description: Design and implementation of the PA-DSS/PCI-DSS Enfinity compatibility. Personally implemented the Enfinity key management – a new encryption model, re-encryption framework, and creation of new high-level encryption APIs.

Enfinity Suite 6.4 - ProcessChain, Business/Service API, WebAnalytics API
Employer: Intershop Communications
Description: Design and implementation of new service frameworks - process chain mgmt, business/service API, webanalytics API. MBeans, JMX, concurrency issues, import/export, GIT version control.

Enfinity Suite - Sofortüberweisung
Employer: Intershop Communications
Description: Designed & implemented the product add-in that integrates with the payment provider (some call it directebanking).

Enfinity Suite 6.3.1 - System Management Console (SMC)
Employer: Intershop Communications
Description: Various SMC functionalities concerning installation maintenance – startup, snapshot, threaddump, heapdump, data transfer & emailing, custom events propagation in a cluster environment. Extracted information about ORM cache, appserver & JVM processes, threads, locking conflicts, etc. in XML format.

Enfinity Suite - Paynova
Employer: Intershop Communications
Description: Designed & implemented the product add-in that integrates with the payment provider Paynova.

Enfinity Suite 6.3 - payment processing framework
Employer: Intershop Communications
Description: New payment processing framework - design & development of a payment API, DB migrations, integration, etc.

Enfinity Suite 6.2 - core platform
Employer: Ocean Solutions
Description: Core platform development, module refactoring, API rework, parsing gen, bugfixing, unit testing.

Employer: E-code
Description: Ordering & goods management system. Complex import/export data facilities.
Technologies: ANSI C, Java, J2EE, Tomcat, Linux.

Employer: E-code
Description: Web-based, intranet app used for internal company tracking and billing activities.
Technologies: Perl (web and sysadmin tasks), Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux - SuSE. Implemented from scratch.

Employer: E-code
Description: Yet another content management system.
Technologies:: PHP 5, Python, MySQL 5.0, Web Services, SMS gateway, Apache, Linux. Implemented from scratch in a team of 3.

Raritan Command Center Secure Gateway (CC-SG)
Employer: Bianor Services
Description: Enterprise level IT infrastructure management product for Raritan, a leading provider of KVM and serial switches world-wide. It allows device management in distributed data centers and remote locations. Used in top data centers and highest level security environments by clients such as US Department of Defense, Microsoft, JP Morgan, Dell.
Technologies: Network programming - sockets, custom protocols implementation, desktop programming - AWT/Swing/SwixML, J2EE - EJB, JMX, JMS, Web Services, JAAS, Log4j, LDAP, PostgreSQL, JBoss, Linux, SNMP, many others. Team of 25+.

Employer: Bianor Services
Description: ACCB (Aton Service, Switzerland) is an open customer loyalty system designed for ease of integration with existing loyalty programs.
Technologies: Java, J2EE, JBoss, Hibernate, EJB, AOP (Jboss-AOP), JSTL, Struts 1.2.x, Tiles, JAAS, JMeter, PostgreSQL, Slony replication, Linux - Fedora.
Notes: Started from scratch. Classic MVC with Struts, Hibernate as ORM. Felt the pain of EJB 2, XML verbosity. Became acquainted with and used aspect oriented programming (AOP) paradigm, tools, integration, etc. Team of 8.

Employer: Bianor Services
Description: Admin backend to provide various administrative functionalities.
Technologies: PHP, Java, J2EE - JMS & Servlets, AWT/Swing, XML, XPath, PostgreSQL, Linux - Fedora, CentOS. Team of 4.

Employer: Bianor Services
Description: Mobile phone billing calculator and other mobile services. I also wrote an admin backend for the site.
Technologies: PHP, PostgreSQL, XML, Linux - Fedora.
Notes: won 1st prize at International Web Festival - Albena, 2006, category "Mobile".